Graphic designer and photographer. Born in Madrid.
Currently based in Treviso, Italy at Fabrica Research Centre. Stablished in Creative and Art direction, my practice starts where society meets design, creating images that generate social awareness. Rooted in visual metaphores, focused on research about the behaviour, environment and visual potencial of objects. 


(Pres.) Fabrica - Creative. IT
(Pres.) Benetton - Freelance Creative + Art director. Writing & directing
Benetton x Woolmark A/W 2021 Campaign. IT
(2019) Zapping - Art Director Intern. ES
(2018) TauDesign - Graphic Design Intern. ES


(2021) Design in practice, JoeVelluto. IT
(2021) Sedition Art
(2021) Madrid Design Festival. ES 

Press & publications